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Will I benefit with hearing aids for both ears?

In 1955 at age 11, I was diagnosed as having been born totally deaf in one ear. At age 71, I have been noticing a reduction in hearing in my other ear, which is causing problems with not hearing or mishearing when people speak to me. Will a hearing aid be beneficial to both ears or just the one I have some hearing in?


The technology now available for people with complete deafness in one ear and age-related hearing loss in the other ear is better than ever before. A Bi-Cros system will take the sounds from your 'deaf' side and transfer them over to the hearing aid on your good side which will also assist with your hearing loss in that ear. The result is greatly improved overall hearing, reducing the difficulties of mishearing or not hearing at all, particularly in more challenging noisy environments. Ask you local audiologist about the options available in Bi-Cros technology.

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