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Will a hearing aid help my single sided deafness?

I have been deaf in my left ear since birth. I recently had a hearing test with NHS and my results said hearing in my right ear is normal, which I am pleased about, but my reason for requesting one is I had noticed I was struggling to hear people in a group conversation or meetings at work, being able to hear on telephones, having to ask people to repeat themselves or in some cases my close friend repeating what someone was saying to me as I could make out what they were saying. Is there an option to have a hearing aid to only use when I'm struggling?


The symptoms you describe are very common for people with single-sided deafness. As the two ears are designed to work together, particularly in more noisy environments such as groups, meetings, pubs/bars, etc, when one ear is not working it dramatically adds to the difficulties of hearing in those situations. There are effective solutions for single-sided deafness but it will mean wearing hearing aids all of the time and not just when you are struggling. Because the sounds from your left side will need to be processed through your right ear, it takes the brain some time to adjust to this sensation and is not the type of function you can switch on and off by only wearing the technology occasionally. My advise would be to talk to your local audiologist about the possible solutions available so that you can make an informed decision for your hearing.

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