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Why does music and singing sound tinny through hearing aids?

My mother has had NHS hearing aids. She listens to a lot of classical music and singing and the sound was tinny before the aids, but with the aids it is no better, and still tinny and crackly. Would your aids be better and would the sound quality be improved?


Many people with hearing loss report that music in particular is something they have difficulty with as many of the high frequency notes are no longer audible to them, therefore reducing their perception of the quality of sound. Hearing aids can be very helpful but are primarily designed for speech understanding and therefore more focused on mid-frequency sounds. Many of the private hearing aids are now available with specific 'music' programs which recognise that an added emphasis on high frequency can achieve improved sound quality for music. Speak to your local audiologist who will be able to give you further information on the ranges of hearing aids with music programs.

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