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What is wireless connectivity in hearing aids?

I have severe but not profound hearing loss in both ears. Would your ?495 micro BTE package aids be suitable for me and please can you tell me what wireless connectivity is? I am currently using two NHS Oticon Spirit Zest hearing aids but they whistle a lot and audiology department can't seem to cure it.


It is difficult to answer your question in terms of the suitability of micro BTEs for your loss without knowing the exact configuration of your hearing loss and many other associated elements. Your local Specsavers audiologist will be able to advise you best on this matter following a thorough consultation.In terms of wireless connectivity, many hearing aids now have the capability to connect to other devices, such as mobile telephones, laptops, MP3 players, televisions, etc. through a wireless connection (often using bluetooth) which can significantly help wearers who would traditionally struggle to hear clearly when using those devices. Again, your local audiologist can give you further information as to their suitability for your individual needs.

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