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Should I seek a second opinion for my child?

My little boy (aged 10) is struggling with loss of hearing, TV high volume, repeating things, talking louder etc... he says himself he misses things. I have taken him for a hearing test today and this has come back fine. The audiologists said that the test is fine without any problems but I explained it's not a true test as its done in a quiet environment and this he is ok with. Do you think its worth a second opinion as I know something is not right?


It is very understandable that, as a parent, you are concerned about your son's hearing. You were right to take him for a hearing test and should be delighted that the results did not find a hearing loss. It is very normal for the tests to be carried out in a quiet environment as this is the best way of detecting any hearing loss in both adults and children. Whilst not impossible, it is very unusual for a child to have hearing difficulties which are not detected by the traditional hearing test. That said, if you are still concerned about his ability to hear in noisy environments, it is of course your right to ask for a second opinion. You should contact your GP to request this.

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