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Should I seek a second opinion?

My hearing difficulties have been under investigation through the NHS for about 2 years now. I have had numerous tests including countless hearing tests and been tried on different medications. They suspected I had Menieres disease for which I was provided betahistine and an inner ear autoimmune disease for which I was started on the steroid prednisolone. I have fluctuating hearing loss, dizzy spells and ringing in my ears intermittently. I feel the ENT are no longer doing anything as there are longer gaps between appointments and then all they do is carry out a hearing test. There has been no change in my symptoms, I am still struggling in college and day to day life. Should my parent's and I seek a second opinion?


It sounds like you have had a whole series of ENT investigations carried out but a concrete diagnosis has not been possible. The symptoms you describe do point to the possibility of Menieres or an inner ear autoimmune disease but an exact cause can be notoriously difficult to pinpoint.? If you are unhappy or frustrated with your treatment from a particular establishment, you are well within your rights to seek a second opinion but please don't be too disappointed if a cure for your difficulties is not immediately available.

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