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Should hearing protection be worn over hearing aids?

Employees working in a noisy environment are asked to wear hearing protection, they are given health surveillance. However for employees who wear hearing aids, what if any, special precautions should be implemented for their protection, should they remove hearing aids and wear normal in ear protection; wear over ear protection with hearing aids in as normal; or is there protection given from high noise levels from their protection which would mean they don't need to wear any protection in the ears with hearing aids.


If working in an environment which is loud enough to require the wearing of personal hearing protection, both normally hearing and hearing impaired individuals should be aware of the necessity for protection. For those people with hearing aids, whilst there is some protection provided by the aids themselves, it is advisable to also have specialist hearing protection equipment. It is very much the individual's choice as to whether they wear protection over their hearing aids or remove their hearing aids altogether. Dependent on the type of hearing aid, feedback or comfort may be an issue with wearing protection over hearing aids.

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