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NHS hearing aids with Specsavers

Hi. I am only partially deaf in one ear. I have trouble catching conversations in a group situation and with people with a deeper or softer toned voice.I was tested about 4 years ago by the NHS but at the second testing there was a slight improvement so they didn't do anything. I am finding working situations harder, particularly as there is a lot of background noise from printers etc.Will I have to buy a pair of hearing aids or is there a concession if I only need one?


If you are finding it increasingly difficult to hear in group and noisy situations, and as it has been four years since your last test, it is advisable to have your hearing tested again.Recent changes in government rules mean a revolution is taking place in the provision of free NHS services. Before, to get a hearing test and/or a free NHS digital hearing aid you had to go to a hospital. But now, local NHS Primary Care Trusts in England can accredit high street audiologists, such as Specsavers Hearing Centres, to provide them instead. This also includes your hearing test, hearing aid fitting and aftercare, free.To see if you live in an area where you can get free NHS hearing aids at Specsavers, go to the Specsavers Hearcare website and type in your postcode. If they are available in your area, contact your GP in the first instance.


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