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Hearing Aids with the NHS at Specsavers

I received a letter explaining what was happening with NHS hearing and have a question. I have been wearing NHS hearing aids since August last year (2012). With the new procedure, will I be able to get them checked with my local Specsavers branch?The other thing I wondered was, if I came to Specsavers for hearing check, would I still have to go to GP to book it. (I did come to Bracknell Specsavers last year before being referred to NHS).


As your hearing aids are relatively new, you must continue to have them checked and serviced by your current provider (the hospital I presume). If for any reason you are unable or unhappy in returning to the hospital department, talk to your GP and he/she may be able to refer you to Specsavers instead.To see if you live in an area where you can get free NHS hearing aids at Specsavers, go to the Specsavers Hearcare website and type in your postcode.


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