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How does a tinnitus masker work?

I have recently had a hearing test which showed that I would benefit from hearing aids and am now considering what style/price range to get. I also suffer from quite severe tinnitus. On the Specsavers website Q&A someone asked about how hearing aids will be affected by or manage tinnitus and the answer said that some hearing aids have a 'masking function'. Can you explain to me how this works and if the 'advance range' of hearing aids that Specsavers offers have this function?


The 'masking function' within some hearing aids are designed to help those who suffer from severe tinnitus. The theory is that by playing a masking noise through the hearing aids, this will distract the brain away from the tinnitus itself. For most tinnitus sufferers this will also happen with the wearing of hearing aids, even without a tinnitus masker. The Specsavers advance range do not contain a tinnitus masking function but we also offer many other brands which do. Speak to your local Specsavers Hearcare professional for further advice.

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