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How do we best clean the hearing aids?

My daughter has two Phonak Nathos micro hearing aids and we are having problems cleaning them. Please can you advise?


Hearing aids are relatively straight forward to clean. If they are fitted with an earmould and tubing, this part can be detached from the main body of the aid and washed in warm soapy water. It is important to clear the tubing of water before attaching back to the aid. The main body can be wiped with a dry tissue.For 'open fit' style hearing aids, the tubing and dome can also be separated from the body for cleaning purpose. For thin tubing, pass the cleaning wire provided by your audiologist all the way through to clear any blockages. The soft silicone dome and main body of the aid can be wiped with a dry tissue.In-the-ear hearing aids can be wiped with a soft cloth or dry tissue but definitely not submerged in water. Your audiologist may have also provided a small cleaning brush to help keep the microphone and receiver ports clear of wax and other debris.

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