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How can I get my dad to have a hearing test?

My Dad (aged 69) has suffered hearing loss over the last few years and it has got worse and worse but he refuses to get a hearing aid. He finally had a test with the doctor last year but apart from the tuning fork he apparently heard everything so the doctor said he didn't need one. Very frustrating as he can't hear at all in a room of more than 4/5 people talking, and really struggles in a crowded place. He also can't hear well if he is not looking at you or not expecting you to speak. He is becoming increasingly isolated and doesn't participate as much in dinner table conversations etc and I am really worried it will affect him in other ways such as increased risk of dementia by less interaction.Is there a good way of broaching the subject, or are you able to send him information or call him in for a routine test without him knowing I have asked? Or can you offer him a free trial at all? I'm sure it is pure vanity and a reluctance to admit his age, but he is missing out on so much. I know aids can be so discreet now too.


Your story is a common one that we hear on a very regular basis. Because age related hearing loss develops very slowly over a number of years, many people don't notice it happening, or don't want to admit it is happening when someone else points it out. I would suggest that a conversation with a GP in a quiet consulting room along with a tuning fork test is perhaps not the best method of detecting hearing loss.One suggestion might be to show him the Frequently Asked Questions under Hearing Loss on our website as it answers 'Why should I have my hearing tested?' and 'If I have a hearing test, will it definitely mean that I end up wearing a hearing aid?'If this is enough to convince him to at least go for a hearing test, I would strongly suggest you go with him for support. The audiologist will very gently take you through what it means to have a hearing loss and the different options available to help his hearing in the future.

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