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How can I convince my father to wear hearing aids?

89 year old father with long-standing hearing loss and tinnitus. Used to wear hearing aids intermittently, but gave up several years ago when widowed and was living alone. Insists that hearing aids won't be any good for him because his tinnitus is so severe. Now can barely hear and even shouting and his lip- reading ability make it extremely difficult for anyone to communicate effectively with him. Think I can get him to go a hearing test but he remains unconvinced that hearing aids will help, particularly because of his disabling tinnitus - anything you can tell me to help persuade him?


Your tale is not an unfamiliar one with many older people questioning the need to wear hearing aids when they live alone. You might want to try the angle that hearing aids may significantly help with his tinnitus problems. If he can stick with them for the first few weeks, he may well find that the hearing aids will help to reduce his tinnitus sensation by returning other 'every day' sounds to his brain rather than it focusing on his tinnitus. Perhaps have a chat with your local Hearcare Professional before taking your father for a test and ask them to consider this approach during the consultation. It might lead to a win - win situation: your father has less difficulties with his tinnitus and you are better able to communicate with him as his hearing will be significantly improved.

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