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Difficutly changing hearing aid batteries

I have NHS hearing aid which I have never got on with........mainly because I find it too difficult to manipulate the controls. I tried a very expensive set of aids from Amplifon but found they were no better.I am wondering about hearing aids that are contained within glasses. I have obtained glasses from Specsavers often in the past. I only hear in one ear: completely deaf in the other. Do theses glasses need battery changing as frequently as in-the-ear ones?


All hearing aids are powered by small batteries, the size of which is determined by which hearing aid you choose. Whilst there are glasses which contain hearing aids, they are designed for very specific types of conductive hearing loss and are not the recommended solution for people who can use either in-the-ear or behind-the-ear hearing aids (and they also require batteries that need changing on a regular basis). If changing the batteries causes significant difficulties, ask your Specsavers audiologists about hearing aids with rechargeable batteries that only need to be replaced approximately once a year.

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