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Can you do ULL test for someone with hypersensitive hearing (not from hyperacusis and no tinnitus)?


The Uncomfortable Loudness Level (ULL) test is mostly carried out where individuals report they have a strong aversion to loud sounds. There are times when people with a hearing loss develop a condition known as abnormal loudness growth (or recruitment) which makes them more sensitive to loud noises than someone with normal hearing, reducing their 'dynamic range' of hearing (the difference between only just hearing sounds faintly to sounds being painfully loud). As the ULL test involves presenting progressively louder tones to an individual through headphones, it must be carried out very carefully by the audiologist in order to both attain accurate results and limit the discomfort of the patient. So, yes it is possible to have a ULL test with very sensitive hearing but it takes a fully qualified and skilled clinician to perform the test.

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