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Can Specsavers provide a cheaper alternative to Boots?

My mother was 95 2 weeks ago & has had difficulty hearing for many years. 2 years ago finding for several years that NHS aid was not adequate mother tried and purchased digital hearing aids from Boots. These seemed very good for a few days but then even following all instructions for maintenance were little better than the NHS type and not worth ?4000+ paid. Yesterday mother had a hearing test at home and was told her hearing had detiorated further from severe to severely profound hearing loss and another prescription would be necessary @ cost of ?3800+. Can specsavers offer help to people with this level of hearing loss and would there be a cheaper alternative as I feel it is a huge expense considering she was still having great difficulty hearing us talk.


At age 95 I would strongly advise against spending a huge amount of money on hearing aids. Unless she has a very active lifestyle - busy supermarkets, large groups of people, noisey restaurants, etc. - the level of technology in the more expensive hearing aids is probably not required. The level of her hearing loss does not affect the price of the aids. At Specsavers hearing aids range from ?495 to ?1995 for a pair and they are made by the world's leading manufacturers. Can I suggest you contact your local Specsavers Hearing Centre as they will also be able to book a home visit for your mother.

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