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Can my son's hearing aids be re-tuned?

My son bought some in-the-canal hearing aids from Specsavers some years ago. His hearing has now got worse . Can he have them re-tuned and what would be the cost? Also can you let him know by looking at the hearing test results he has from last year as he is reluctant to have another hearing test as his hearing is poor and it depresses him as he is only 25?


It might be possible for your son's hearing aids to be re-programmed if he feels his hearing has got worse. However, this would only be possible if he has an up-to-date hearing test. It would not be advisable to re-programme his aids to old test results as he may not get the best possible results from his aids. Whilst I understand that losing your hearing at a young age can be very distressing, we would always recommend an accurate up-to-date measurement so that we can help him hear as best as possible. There is no cost to having this done as Specsavers provide a free Aftercare programme for the lifetime of the hearing aids.

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