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Can I get new NHS hearing aids?

I currently have two NHS digital hearing aids that I have not used for some time as they are uncomfortable with my glasses, also they pick up too much noise from behind making the person who is talking to me harder to understand than if I didn't have them in at all. Would I still be able to claim free hearing aids, (if they are smaller and better) or would I still have to be referred by my doc again ?


If you require new hearing aids, you would indeed need to return to your GP for a new referral. That said, although you don't say how long you have had you current hearing aids, my first suggestion would be to return to your local audiologist who supplied them and ask for a review of your difficulties to see what can be done. It is not unusual for hearing aids to pick noises up from behind the wearer but this can usually be managed with appropriate programming of the aids. There are also many thousands of people who happily wear hearing aids and glasses together so again I would advise you speak to your audiologist to address the problem.

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