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Can I get bluetooth technology to help me at work?

I am 22 and need hearing aids. I have tried the mini-RIC and feel quite happy with them. I was just wondering if I can get them with bluetooth which would help a lot with my job, and I love to listen to music. Can I get them from Specsavers and how much do they cost?


Our Advance range is from the world?s leading manufacturers of digital hearing aids and they come in different fitting styles, including mini-RIC and open fit. As part of our commitment to provide best value for our customers, all hearing aids are offered on a 'two for the price of one' basis. Many of them have bluetooth technology that can help people hear better in challenging situations (such as work environments and listening to music). If you book an appointment for a hearing test at your local Specsavers Hearing Centre, the audiologist can discuss all of the options available.

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