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Can hearing aids help with reverse slope hearing loss?

I have reverse slop hearing loss. I have been wearing NHS hearing aids , Oticon Synergy open fit tube. However I am feeling like it not helping me much. I was told most of the hearings aids are designed for high frequency hearing loss so I might not get much from using hearing aids. Please advise if there are any hearing aids that are good for reverse slope hearing loss.


Whilst hearing aids are not specifically designed for mid and high frequency hearing losses, they are by far the most common types of loss which we see. Low frequency hearing loss is relatively unusual and much more challenging to help with hearing aids. Whilst each audiologist will have their own ideas about how best to treat low frequency hearing loss, the open fit style which you currently have are perhaps not the best solution. The low frequency amplification that you require will be significantly lost as the sounds 'escape' from the open ear canal. I would suggest that you discuss with your audiologist the possibility of having a 'closed' fitting such as a double-dome or an ear mould which will keep the low frequency sounds in the ear canal and should help improve your hearing.

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