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Can hearing aids help with Auditory Processing Diorder?

I am a 26 year old with a diagnosis of auditory processing disorder.I had a hearing test 18 months ago in which my hearing was within normal levels. At this point I was having a lot of difficulties hearing whenever there was any background noise or when on the phone. I am now also struggling to hear people talking in quiet environments. There also seem to be specific sounds I am not hearing like the oven alarm. But mainly my difficulties are hearing conversations.I am beginning to wonder if the would be any benefit in wearing hearing aids. Would wearing hearing aids and getting the information to my ears and brain louder be of any benefit. Also are there hearing aids that are able to reduce background noise while also increasing the volume of speech.


Auditory Processing Disorder is a hearing or listening problem caused by the brain not processing sounds in the normal way.It?may affect people's ability to:

  • pinpoint a sound
  • tell which sound comes before another
  • distinguish similar sounds from one another (such as?'seventy' and 'seventeen')
  • enjoy music

It may be?difficult to understand speech when there is background noise, if more than one person is speaking at a time, if the person is speaking quickly, or if the sound quality is poor (if it's over a loudspeaker or in an echoey room, for example).A very common question from people diagnosed with APD is 'Will hearing aids help?' Unfortunately, as the disorder is a problem with the processing of the sound, there is no evidence to show that simply making it louder makes any difference. Therefore, hearing aids are not normally recommended for people with APD, unless there is also a hearing loss present.

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