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Can a hearing aid help with loss in one ear?

I have had hearing loss in one ear since childhood. For many years, I have coped well but find that, as I get older (I'm 43 now), I can't cope as well as I did - namely in noisy environments. When I was younger, I was told it was between 20-50% impaired and, because the loss was sensorineural, I would not benefit from a hearing aid. However, I have heard that things have moved on and wondered if it is worth getting some advice.


There are two key areas in which we use both of our ears together - finding where sounds come from and listening in background noise. If, as you say, your hearing loss is sensorineural in nature (damaged hair cells in the inner ear) then a hearing aid can provide you with significant benefits. May I suggest that you make an appointment at your local Specsavers Hearing Centre and discuss the options available with the audiologist.

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