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Are there any hearing aids for very narrow ear canals?

I currently use the NHS supplied Oticon Spirit Zest. I have a very narrow ear canal and even with the smallest tube and dome fittings the base of the dome irritates and makes an area of my outer ear canal bleed. I have unsuccessfully tried two or three ear moulds. Are there any other ear fittings I could try that will sit comfortably in my ear canal without the irritation?


Very narrow ear canals present a huge challenge for the fitting of hearing aids. If as you suggest, even the smallest of dome sizes and different styles of earmould significantly irritate your ear canal, then it may be that a more radical treatment is required. Although you do not describe your level of hearing loss and how it affects your everyday lifestyle, it may well be worth talking to your GP about the possibility of surgery to have your ear canal widened or to have a device such as a bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA) fitted if you have already tried all of the other hearing aid options.

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