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Are NHS hearing aids at Specsavers only for the over 65s?

I received a leaflet through the post this week regarding the free NHS hearing aids from Specsavers. states it's only available for those over 65 years old. I'm 44 years old & already wear NHS hearing aids. Do I not qualify for the free hearing aids from Specsavers?


The Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCG) who are responsible for moving NHS services out of the hospitals and into the community set the criteria for each local area. There is currently no single national set of rules governing who can and cannot access the service. In your area, the CCG has set a lower age limit of 65 for those wishing to get hearing aids at Specsavers, whereas other areas of the country are as low as 18 years of age. This is a great frustration for many thousands of hearing aids users. Unfortunately it means, at the moment, you will still have to attend your local hospital for hearing services.


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