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Are In-the-Ear hearing aids suitable for otosclerosis?

I have otosclerosis and have an NHS hearing aid which is moulded to my ear with device behind the ear. I would like an in the ear 'invisible' hearing aid but have been told by the NHS it isn't suitable for my type of hearing loss. Is this the case or are they just not available on the NHS? What price do they start at please?


Otosclerosis is a condition where the footplate of the stirrup (stapes) bone develops bony growths which prevent it from fully vibrating against the inner ear. Depending on your level of hearing loss, there is no specific reason why in-the-ear hearing aids should not be suitable for your needs, but they are generally not available on the NHS. Prices start from ?495 for a pair. May I suggest you contact your local Specsavers Hearing Center and have a chat with the Hearcare Professional who will be able to give you further information on what is available.

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