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Are hearing aids from all private companies around the same price?

My husband is 55 and had meningitis as a child and his hearing was badly affected. He has got by over the years but now he is not getting through interviews because, I feel, he is not hearing correctly so after all this time he is agreeing to try out hearing aids. But he refuses to have the NHS ones you can see.He has had one test at a private hearing aid company and has been told the in-the-ear ones would help but the prices are high so would like a second opinion as need to know if all companies are around the same price. He has no job at the moment (probably due to the need for aids) so would appreciate it if you could help us.


Thank you for your question. Meningitis can indeed lead to permanent hearing loss which affects people to different degrees. Whilst you state that your husband does not like the NHS hearing aids that sit behind the ear, he might be pleasantly surprised at how small and discreet the latest models are. We would always recommend that a new user of hearing aids try the NHS ones first to see how they get on. If they then wish to consider a different style of hearing aid talk to your audiologist about the options available. Check on our website to see if your local Specsavers? can provide your husband with NHS hearing aids.In terms of the cost of private hearing aids, Specsavers offer 'two for the price of one' on all hearing aids and so are generally approximately half the price of other companies. Make an appointment at your local Specsavers Hearing Centre and the audiologist will be able to provide you with all of the relevant information.

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