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Anything better than my NHS hearing aids?

I have NHS digital hearing aids but am still struggling to hear, especially in noisy places or in groups (even small ones). Would buying a Specsavers product make any worthwhile difference?I have an acoustic neuroma, for which we are applying a 'watch and wait' strategy, which means the hearing in my right ear is particularly compromised.I don't like solid ear pieces and can wear my NHS ones all day because they have soft ends to them. The solid ones I had before irritated me after just a little while.Visibility doesn't bother me as my hair hides 'over the ear' aids and I'm not ashamed of being hard of hearing anyway.I have been disappointed so many times by new aids that I hesitate to buy private ones because, added to new disappointment there might also be a hole in my bank account to make the experience even worse! Are there any guarantees?


Whilst no hearing aids can return our hearing to 'normal', they should be very effective in all but the most challenging listening situations. If you are having difficulty in even small groups, you may wish to consider trying a more advanced level of technology. At Specsavers we offer a complete range of hearing aids from the world's leading manufacturers, and in the unlikely event you do not notice a considerable improvement, we have a no quibbles money back guarantee. 

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