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Anything better than my NHS hearing aids?

HelloI lost my hearing very rapidly three years ago and have been fitted with two hearing aids. It is suspected it was lost through a virus of some kind.I have two NHS hearing aids that are ok but I do wonder if there is something better out there. I am 42 years of age and work and do struggle but cope with help with my staff. I have a severe hearing loss in one ear and a profound hearing loss in the other. I deal directly with the public and most are happy to oblige and speak up and speak clearly. Although some are very quite. I struggle more with male voice but believe that as due to the roaring tinnitus I have.I don't use the telephone at all. I use a loop system at home for the TV as well as subtitles. I would love to know if there was something better for me but don't wish to make a costly mistake. I currently have a pair of Siemens Reflex hearing aids, they say they are very good. Should I investigate others on offer?What would you recommend.


With a severe hearing loss in one ear and a profound hearing loss in the other ear, unfortunately, hearings aids will never be able to give back to you a normal level of hearing. The Siemens Reflex hearing aids that you currently have are approximately 5 years old in terms of technology and fall in the mid-range for features and benefits. As technology has moved on very quickly over the last few years, it may be worth exploring the possibility of new and better technology hearing aids. For your peace of mind, Specsavers offer a no quibble 100-day money back guarantee on all hearing aids if you are not entirely happy with your choice.

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