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About a discreet eyeglass hearing aid

Following Labyrinthitis in May of this year which affected my hearing my GP referred me to an ENT consultant and I finally saw him at the end of September. I had a hearing test and was advised that my hearing was poor in my left ear and not brilliant either in my right ear and that I should have a hearing aid. I had an MRI scan on the 20th of October and will get the results in about 2/3 weeks time although I have been advised that the Consultant has already signed me off. I am due to be fitted with an NHS hearing aid on the 1st November and have been advised that if I want anything more discreet then I need to make my own arrangements. I work full time in a sales environment and have read about an discreet eyeglass hearing aid. Can you give me any information of this please as I'm not relishing the NHS designer model and also whether the results of my hearing test would be given to spec savers.


There are hearing aids that can be built within a pair of spectacles but these are usually for very specific types of hearing loss. If you would like more information on all of the different styles of hearing aids available, the best advice would be to book an appointment at your local Specsavers Hearcare Centre. As a rule, the NHS would generally not share your hearing test results with us and the Hearcare Professional would want to carry out their own assessment so as to give you appropriate advice.

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