Digital hearing aids at Specsavers


Digital hearing aids at Specsavers

NHS free heairng aids

We are currently not able to offer NHS funded hearing aids in your area

Unfortunately you live in an area whereyour local health authority has chosen not to commission this service in the community – however this may change in the future. You can still access NHS funded hearing aids through your GP.

We do offer an extensive range of our own high quality digital hearing aids to purchase and we guarantee the best value for money on the high street.

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If you’d like us to let you know if your area becomes eligible for the NHS service at Specsavers, or when other relevant hearing offers are launched, please insert your details below.


Purchasing hearing aids privately at Specsavers

For people who would like to purchase more advanced technology, or alternative fitting styles, Specsavers can still guarantee the best value for money on the high street.

Along with a number of branded models, we also offer the Advance range. Exclusive to Specsavers, the Advance range is designed and built by world leading manufacturers, they’re packed with technology and feature the newest innovations in hearing assistance.

Our package includes two digital hearing aids, a four-year guarantee and four years' worth of batteries – and there are no further charges for aftercare. In fact, we offer you the best value for money – guaranteed.

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Hearing tests are free At Specsavers, one of our qualified hearing professionals will give you a comprehensive hearing assessment free, and will discuss your options with you if you have hearing loss. Request a free hearing test today

Unbeatable value Our range of hearing aids gives you the same technology you’ll find in more expensive hearing aids at a fraction of the price. You’ll pay as little as £495 and even our top of the range ‘five star’ hearing aids are just £1,995 a pair.

Extras don’t cost extra There are often extras you’ll need which can add significantly to the cost of buying a hearing aid. At Specsavers they’re included in the price:

  • A choice of cosmetic styles
  • 4 years’ worth of batteries
  • Four year guarantee
  • Aftercare support
  • Directional microphones and telecoil

Satisfaction guarantee Every product in the Advance range comes with a 90 day money back guarantee so you have total peace of mind when making your purchase.