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New Signia primax hearing aids

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Hearing aids as natural as hearing itself

Hearing should be as natural and easy as possible, even for people with hearing loss. Now primax™ has elevated the philosophy of Soundability™ to a new level. primax combines the optimal balance of sound quality and audibility tailored to the wearer’s individual preference. It is clinically proven to make hearing effortless.

Advanced technology to reduce listening effort

Imagine trying to hear the public announcement at a busy railway station, trying to listen to a phone call over a poor connection, or even enjoying a lunch out with family or friends in a popular restaurant. You can still hear and understand, but you need to concentrate. In these situations, listening becomes harder than it should be and holding a conversation requires concentration and effort. Thanks to its advanced SpeechMaster, primax changes that: it singles out the dominant speaker and reduces extraneous background sounds and voices.

Outstanding performance, for day-long quality

For people with hearing difficulties, understanding speech calls for extra concentration and energy which can be exhausting, especially by the end of the day. However, SpeechMaster highlights the other person’s voice and delivers outstanding sound quality, thus making hearing effortless and redefining the ease of listening in all situations, all day long.

Signia primax 3, Signia primax 5 and Signia primax 7.
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