We all have different reasons for wearing earpieces – work, sport, leisure, communication, protection.  Most of the time, they work okay.  But all our ears are different. This can lead to discomfort and at times, them falling out.

We also offer a range of in-ear monitors to provide you with a better sound experience, whether that’s on the stage or in the studio.

In-ear monitors

Musicians and sound engineers need to focus on particular sounds, without interference from other external noises. In-ear monitors provide a controlled sound during performances or recordings and cut down on sound from other instruments.

  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Helps eliminate unwanted external sound
  • From £89.99

Our Mi-Performers are ideal for monitoring your vocals, instruments and more. They give you a low profile, improved listening experience and help protect your ears, letting you hear just what you want clearly. Experience increased fidelity and the ability to hear the frequencies you want while reducing the ones you don’t. The Mi-Performers feature occlusion reduction that reduces the distortion of your own voice.

  • Single driver entry-level monitors
  • Increased sound fidelity
  • Made from soft silicone

If you already use in-ear monitors, try our Mi-Artist. When it comes to in-ear monitors, few stand up to the sound quality these provide.

  • Balanced armature driver system
  • Custom acrylic shells
DS-11 Monitor earphones

DS-11 Monitor earphones are ideal for those looking for high fidelity sound with a smaller budget. Ready to use, they have a range of sleeves to help you find the best fit. They can also be upgraded to use custom tips so you can get the most out of your monitors.

  • Range of sleeves available
  • Can be upgraded to use custom tips
  • Compatible with custom MusicPlugs, BikePlugs and WorkPlugs
Mi-Performer Pro

The multi-driver Mi-Performer Pros are a significant upgrade from their standard cousins. They offer comfort, high performance, quality and noise reduction so you can perform at your best.

Mi-Artist Pro

For those looking to step up their listening experience. The soft silicone multi-driver MiArtist Pro has the latest in transducer technology. With a chambered acrylic earpiece and removable cable system, you can rely on exceptional sound quality.

For more information about any of these products, please ask a member of our in-store teams.

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