What are Bluetooth hearing aids?

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows two devices to communicate with each other over short distances, usually up to about 30 metres.

There are Bluetooth chips in hundreds of devices these days, including mobile phones, computers, cameras and, of course, hearing aids. Many of our hearing aids include Bluetooth, or similar wireless technology, that allows you to connect your hearing aids to a number of devices.

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Using them as headphones

Bluetooth hearing aids can link to your smartphone, television or other smart device to allow you easy access to your favourite music and shows. 

Some use Bluetooth connectivity to allow a direct link to a compatible Apple smart device such as an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. Others connect to Android devices, either directly or by using an accessory known as a streamer. We will be able to advise how you can
stream audio from virtually any source. 

The streamers allow you to stream sound directly from your compatible television or smartphone, while you simply and discreetly control the volume. 

Sound quality

Because your Bluetooth hearing aids are streaming directly from a smartphone, a television or similar, the sound quality is often considered to be sharper and crisper than non-Bluetooth hearing aids. Simplicity and quality, all in one.

Charging them

You may prefer the convenience of rechargeable hearing aids, and many of our Bluetooth hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries included in the price. 

Use your hearing aids during the day, and then when you settle down for a good night’s sleep, just pop them into their charger – when you wake up the next morning, your hearing aids will be ready to go as well. 

Remember, if you buy hearing aids from Specsavers that are powered by single-use batteries, our price always includes four years’ supply of those batteries.

Are there any downsides?

Not everyone chooses to have Bluetooth hearing aids. Some people may prefer a less technological option, or something that’s easier on the wallet, and that’s fine by us. You have to be comfortable and confident using your hearing aids, or you’re less likely to use them when needed. 

Battery power may drain slightly faster when Bluetooth is enabled, although you can easily recharge them using our recharging cases and will also benefit from the increased capability of these aids. 

Our products range from a basic digital aid to the most sophisticated currently available and are suitable for all types of hearing loss. We’ll talk you through the different shapes of hearing aids, what type of batteries they use and how the hearing aid will suit your lifestyle and hearing needs. We will always recommend the best option for you.

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