Frequently asked questions about hearing loss

You get your eyes tested regularly, why wouldn't you do the same for your hearing?

"There's nothing wrong with my hearing. Why would I have it tested?"
You may think that your hearing is perfect, and it could well be. But your hearing can fade gradually, without you really noticing. So if your family often complain because they have to repeat everything twice, if you find yourself constantly saying ‘pardon', or you find it hard to distinguish one voice in a crowded room, it could be worth having a consultation with a Specsavers qualified hearing professional.

"Does hearing get worse with age?"
Loss of hearing is something that is associated with getting older, and it's a natural part of the ageing process. But your family and friends will notice hearing loss - whereas in fact, if you wear a hearing aid, no one will notice at all. And for most people wearing a hearing aid enables them to get on with their life.

"How do I know that I'm visiting a specialist?"
At our Hearing Centres, you can expect the same level of expertise, the same friendly, jargon-free approach and the same care and attention as you enjoy in our opticians. And in our Hearing Centres you will only ever be seen by a qualified hearing professional, whose aim is to find you the best solution to your individual hearing needs.

"If I have a hearing test, will it definitely mean that I end up wearing a hearing aid?"
We will never sell you a hearing aid if you don't need one, because we're a company that has built its reputation on looking after its customers and providing them with the best possible care. And just as going for an eye test doesn’t always mean you'll need glasses, having your ears tested doesn’t automatically mean that the best solution will be using hearing aids.

"Aren’t there negative conations with wearing a hearing aid?"
We all have preconceptions about hearing aids: how much they cost, how big they are, how uncomfortable they are to wear and what other people will think of us for wearing one. But the truth is, hearing aid technology has developed so much in recent years that most of the things we know, or think we know, are simply not true.

"Aren't hearing aids ugly and uncomfortable?"
Look at a mobile phone, or a digital camera and it's easy to see how much technology has moved on in recent years. Hearing aids are no different. Today's models are slimmer, lighter and more discreet than ever before. In fact, some people wear them without their partners knowing, because they're so small. As for being uncomfortable, a hearing aid should be custom made for your ear. At Specsavers, we will make sure your aid fits you perfectly.

"Does wearing a hearing aid mean you are deaf?"
Hearing aids work by enhancing your existing hearing, so you need to have some level of hearing for an aid to work. And just as we all have different prescriptions for glasses, we all need different kinds of hearing aids and different levels of assistance. At Specsavers we will work with you to ensure you get the right hearing aid for your needs.

"Do hearing aids work?"
Some people find that their hearing aids don’t work, but this is usually down to the aid not fitting correctly or the user not being used to wearing them. At Specsavers, we include a full fitting service and ongoing aftercare free to help you get used to wearing aids, so you really get the full benefit.

"Will wearing a hearing aid make my hearing worse?"
Most people experience changes to their hearing in both ears, but some people buy only one hearing aid due to the cost, which can mean the other ear overcompensates and deteriorates as a result. We always check both ears to guarantee we provide a balanced solution for you and your ears.

"Are hearing aids expensive?"
Yes, hearing aids can be very expensive if you don’t buy them from us. But as you would expect from Specsavers, we aim to bring you the best value solution to your hearing needs on the high street. All products are clearly priced so you know exactly how much you can expect to pay. We’ll talk you through everything in detail, so you’ll have all the information you need to make the right choice.

At Specsavers Hearing Centres

"How long is the test?"
Thirty minutes for a screening. One hour for a full test. Both are free. Click here to find out what happens in a hearing test.

"Who will test me?"
A qualified hearing professional.

"What type of hearing aids do you sell?"
Our advance range is from the world’s leading manufacturers of digital hearing aids and they come in different fitting styles at no extra cost.

"How much are hearing aids?"
Prices start from £495 a pair, and even our top of the range ‘five star’ hearing aids are just £1,995 a pair.

"Do you have any special offers?"
Yes. Our complete digital hearing aid package includes two hearing aids, telecoil/directional microphones, four years’ guarantee and four years' free batteries.

"Why are you such good value?"
We offer the same quality products, technology and features as our competitors, but at a more competitive price.

"How long will I have to wait for my hearing aid?"
Usually seven days, but no longer than two weeks. However, you will need a second consultation for fitting. Some hearing aids can be programmed and fitted on the same day as your hearing tests.

"Satisfaction guaranteed?"
If you are not totally satisfied, we have a 90-day return policy so you will get a full refund.

"Is adjusting to wearing hearing aids easy?"
It’s different for everyone. But at Specsavers all aftercare appointments are free so if you have any difficulties then you can come back and see us anytime so they can be corrected.