Safety managers move to address eye protection issues

Safety managers move to address eye protection issues

February 2014

Latest PPE research revealed - 78% of safety managers worry that employees remove safety eyewear.

Research into safety eyewear, revealed today by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, highlights the concerns held by safety managers and the importance of specialist fitting. A staggering 78% of employers disclosed that they worry staff remove safety eyewear if it is not comfortable. The results go on to show, however, that safety managers are working to address the issues and ensure employees are provided with appropriate eyewear.

While many safety frames are available to be ordered from a catalogue, 87% of safety managers stated that they believe it is important to physically view and try on a range of safety glasses, in store. They see the benefits of this as being the ability to try different styles for comfort and fit (73%). They are also aware of the benefits of seeing and feeling the quality of the frames (55%), as well as the weight (31%).

Safety managers are also well aware of the benefits of safety eyewear being professionally fitted by an expert. 82% felt the main benefit was ensuring a proper and safe fit around the temples, ears and across the nose.

Laura Butler, key accounts manager for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare explains: ‘There are so many benefits for staff to be able to choose frames in-store, and have them expertly fitted by an optometrist: for comfort, fit as well as correct pupil alignment. What we see as standard procedure is lost if organisations order safety frames online.’

Perhaps surprisingly, the vast majority (88%) of safety managers attach importance to the aesthetics of safety eyewear. Much of this is linked to the idea that employees are more likely to actually wear safety glasses if they like the way they look. Linked to this, 91% of safety managers believe that, when selecting a provider, it is important they a good range of eyewear from which to choose.

Laura Butler, key accounts manager for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, says: ‘Our research just goes to prove that while it is of course crucial that safety frames meet with the highest safety standards, other aspects like fit and aesthetics are also extremely important. Our corporate clients can now manage the entire eyecare process online using our eVouchers but, the vital element we will always insist upon is that customers are met in person, so that safety frames can be selected by the individual and fitted by an expert.’

Research carried out on behalf of Specsavers Corporate Eyecare by EMedia among 203 employers across public and private sectors. February 2014.

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