Quality the deciding factor when it comes to safety eyecare

Quality the deciding factor when it comes to safety eyecare

June 2014

When value for money is such an important consideration in all purchasing decisions, including safety eyewear, quality is still one of the most important factors, reveals research today released by Specsavers Corporate Eyecare.

Laura Butler, key accounts manager for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, explains: ‘You would be forgiven for thinking that businesses and organisations are looking solely at cost, at present, in a bid to reduce budgets wherever possible. Our research into employers’ choices concerning safety eyewear reveals, however, that it is the overall package of quality, reputation, reliability and assurance that is vital in ensuring eyewear is good value for money.’

Quality is one of the biggest factors. Three quarters of employers (75%) stated that quality is either the most important aspect or, one of the most important aspects, when choosing safety eyewear. Knowing that the product has a good life span is also a key driver, with 88% of employers stating that a 12-month guarantee would be valued or highly valued.

For peace of mind, the reputation of the supplier also plays a big part in the employer’s decision-making process, with 88% stating that this is important or very important to them. Laura Butler comments: ‘It is vital to find a trusted and reputable supplier when it comes to safety eyewear. Not all safety frames are the same, and it’s important that companies have confidence in their chosen supplier. The eyes can be extremely vulnerable to injury and it’s imperative that they’re well protected, and that the wearer has confidence in their safety glasses.’

Given this concern over ensuring that the eyewear provided is of the very highest quality, it is a worry that many employers feel their staff could do better at looking after their frames. Just 18% of employers believe their staff look after their safety frames very well by, for example, keeping them in a case when they are not being worn.

Specsavers was voted the UK's most trusted optician by a YouGov Plc online survey of 2,272 adults, July 2013. All safety frames come with a 12-month guarantee and hard cases are available.

Research carried out on behalf of Specsavers Corporate Eyecare by EMedia among 203 employers across public and private sectors. February 2014.

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