Paperclips; printer ink; eyecare

No contract, no hassle, minimum order of just five vouchers

Eyecare does not need to be a headache.  eVouchers from Specsavers Corporate Eyecare have become even easier for employers, who now just have to register online to purchase eyecare as simply and efficiently as they order and pay for paperclips and printer ink.

The ordering, payment, management and distribution of eyecare can all be handled in minutes, online, while the eyecare itself is still centred on the human element, with the highest quality care being the top priority. The system allows eyecare to be purchased as freely as any other fundamental office requirement: there is no contract, little effort, and a minimum purchase of just five vouchers.

Suzanne Randall, corporate account manager for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, says: ‘We have worked hard to realise the two different ends of the scale. Our aim has been to make the procurement and delivery of eyecare as quick and efficient as possible, while maintaining a comprehensive, personal, and expert service in terms of the eyecare itself.’

With the introduction of online payment, the whole eyecare process can be managed entirely online, within seconds, with the payment being made by credit or debit card. eVouchers are available to cover specific requirements, such as, DSE eyecare, safety eyewear, and driver eyecare. Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has always offered vouchers from a minimum of just five and has never tied an employer into a contract. In difficult economic circumstances and times of consumer choice, this is now even more vital to many employers.

Suzanne Randall continues: ‘We provide eyecare for a huge variety of companies and organisations. The benefits of low admin, low cost but high quality are vital whether you employ five people or 500,000, and we support employers across the whole range. Our existing clients quickly transferred to the online eVoucher system as it makes the whole process so very simple.’