Information pack has direct impact on driver eyesight testing

Information pack has direct impact on driver eyesight testing

March 2014

The Drivers’ Information Pack from Specsavers Corporate Eyecare has proved to positively influence behaviour and directly motivate employers to test their drivers’ eyesight. The pack was launched last year and includes information to help employers understand their responsibilities when it comes to the eyesight of their drivers. It includes details on the legislation regarding drivers’ eyesight, case-studies, and a life-size number plate and 20.5m ribbon, so that employers can carry out an illustrative test of their employees’ eyesight themselves.

Employers were surveyed to establish how effective the pack had been. Key findings from the research* released today show that:

  • 100% of employers found the pack useful, and 96% found the number plate and 20.5 metre ribbon the most useful
  • 82% now feel more informed about driving legislation
  • 39% now test the eyesight of their drivers

When drivers first pass their driving test they are expected to be able to read a number plate at 20.5 meters. The number plate and ribbon in the drivers pack gives employers a chance to carry out a quick test to see if their drivers can still see a number plate at this distance. In practice there are many more requirements to ensure eyesight is adequate for driving, including peripheral vision and the ability to adjust vision between near and far objects, such as instruments on the dashboard and vehicles on the road ahead, which an optometrist can test. The Drivers Information Pack is intended as a starting point to help inform employers about their duty of care to ensure that their employees’ eyesight is adequate for driving.

Suzanne Randall, corporate account manager for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare said: “We work really hard to let employers know about their responsibilities. We wanted to make this pack genuinely user-friendly so that employers would want to read it and make use of it. We are so pleased that not only have employers found the pack useful, it’s actually influencing their behaviour, with 39% of those that received the pack now testing the eyesight of their drivers.”

However there is still some way to go. While 73% of employers said they believe it is very important to monitor the eyesight of their drivers, 46% still don’t have a policy to test the eyesight of their drivers.

Suzanne Randall continued, “We’re in this for the long-haul, we’re glad we’re making a difference, and we’ll continue to find creative ways to keep the topic of monitoring drivers’ eyesight on the employer agenda.”

For a copy of the drivers information pack, please contact:

*Research conducted via Monkey Survey among employers that had received a copy of the Drivers Information Pack. The research was conducted in January 2014 among 71 employers representing a minimum of 31,470 fleet drivers.

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