Employee eyesight at risk

Results of safety eyewear research revealed

Nearly half of employers (49%) worry that staff remove safety eyewear when it is not safe to do so, according to new research from Specsavers Corporate Eyecare.

Jim Lythgow, director of strategic alliances at Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, said: ‘Of course, safety eyewear is only effective if it is actually worn but these figures show that a huge amount of employees are putting their eyesight at risk in the workplace. We aimed to find out why.’

The survey asked for the reasons why employers believe their staff are not wearing safety eyewear as instructed. Lack of comfort or fit, and dislike for the style of eyewear, were all cited.

‘It is paramount that safety eyewear is comfortable and properly fitting,’ commented Jim Lythgow. ‘If people are not entirely happy with their eyewear, then they are less likely to wear it. There are various options for ensuring that safety eyewear is comfortable, including ensuring that the right size is available and selected in the first place, that the eyewear is expertly fitted, and that the design is appropriate for the individual.’

Indeed, the survey showed that just a quarter of employers (25%) stated that their employees have the opportunity to try on safety eyewear before it is purchased. This is an important factor in choosing the most suitable type of eyewear for the individual. Jim Lythgow said: ‘You wouldn’t buy your everyday spectacles without trying them on, so why would you buy something as important as safety eyewear without trying it for fit and comfort first?’

Style may also be a more important factor than employers at first realise. Designs are now much wider ranging than they used to be, with male, female and unisex styling, as well as popular wrap-around style frames and a large variety of colours.

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