Cost-effective eyecare benefits for small companies

Providing employee benefits and wellbeing initiatives can be challenging and expensive for smaller businesses and organisations, with certain benefits being prohibitively expensive for SMEs. However, Specsavers Corporate Eyecare is urging smaller businesses to consider eyecare as an affordable and highly valued benefit, making it possible for them to provide eyecare benefits equal to those of their large corporate cousins. The company has made its eVouchers easily accessible to SMEs, with low costs, no contract, small purchase numbers, and easy administration.


Health and safety regulations make it obligatory for companies of all sizes to provide eyecare for all screen users and many at-work drivers. There are also a number of circumstances under which prescription safety glasses may be appropriate. This means that virtually every business is likely to have to provide eyecare to at least some of its employees, so smaller companies need to offer the same benefits as their larger counterparts.


Being tied into a benefits contract may be a difficulty for many small businesses, where a slight fluctuation in staff numbers could make a big difference to benefits requirements. While economies of scale make benefits more cost effective for bigger businesses, SMEs may find it more difficult when they are required to make regular or significant purchases. Long contracts and high costs may, therefore, prove prohibitive for smaller businesses.


Specsavers Corporate Eyecare’s eVoucher system is designed to address these issues. There is no contract, and no tie-in. Employers can make a one-off purchase of as few as just five eyecare eVouchers. Other advantages for small businesses include an online management system for easy administration of eVouchers: freeing up valuable resource. Once purchased, eVouchers are simply emailed to the relevant employees, who take them to their most convenient Specsavers store to redeem them for the corporate eyecare they require. Real-time updates show when vouchers are redeemed, to ensure staff are benefitting and to facilitate management.   

Different eVouchers are available for different requirements, including DSE eyecare, Safety Eyewear and Driver Eyecare, so the employer knows their health and safety responsibilities are being met under these specific circumstances – a further boon for smaller companies who can find it onerous to keep on top of a number of industry regulations.

As budget constraints make it harder to offer employee benefits, something as simple as eyecare can be highly valued by employees, with its wider benefits for health and wellbeing. An eye examination can check the health of the eye itself and, by examining the blood vessels at the back of the eye, an optometrist can even detect and monitor serious health conditions like diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis and cardiovascular disease.

Jim Lythgow, director of strategic alliances at Specsavers Corporate Eyecare says: ‘What we are offering is effectively pay-as-you-go eyecare. There are no tie-ins, and this makes it particularly achievable for SMEs to offer eyecare, whether to meet health and safety responsibilities, or as an employee benefit it itself, and is proving incredibly popular with smaller companies. While cost-effective, the employer still benefits from trusted and experienced eyecare professionals.’

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