Scottish Prison Service takes the headache out of eyecare

Scottish Prison Service takes the headache out of eyecare

The Scottish Prison Service has gone electronic for its employee eyecare benefits. Specsavers Corporate Eyecare now provides qualifying employees with eVouchers for their VDU and Safety eyewear, through an electronic system designed to take the headache out of eyecare.

HR personnel at all 14 Scottish Prison Service sites have instant access to Specsavers’ eVoucher system, which enables them to procure, distribute and manage eyecare provision online.

A representative from the Scottish Prison Service, said: ‘Our HR managers are now able to handle eyecare extremely quickly and efficiently online. They can allocate eVouchers to employees as and when necessary and the employee simply needs to print the voucher to take to their local Specsavers store, or they can even just present it on their smart phone or mobile device. The eVoucher system makes the management of eyecare simple and consistent across all our sites. We also appreciate the fact that we have a single point of contact who is local, so able to pop in and see us if ever the need arises.’

The Scottish Prison Service uses Specsavers’ eVouchers for VDU eyecare for staff who use computer screens; and for Safety Eyewear, for those involved in work that is more physical. Those employees requiring eyecare are given a full eye examination, which can not only detect visual disturbances and problems with eye health, but also much wider health conditions like diabetes, risk of stroke and heart conditions.

Dona McLafferty, corporate account manager, for Specsavers Corporate Eyecare, said: ‘We have worked with the Scottish Prison Service for some time. They have always liked the ease of use of the eyecare vouchers we provide but now that they have gone online, they find the new system is particularly efficient over their numerous sites. While we aim to make the process as simple as possible, the actual eyecare we provide is always centred on the highest quality of service and maintaining the human aspect. Our vouchers may be virtual but our care is very much in person.’