One thing you should never compromise on when it comes to taking care of your eyes is your comfort. If you’re considering contact lenses, whether you’ve recently been told you need vision correction or you’re making the switch from glasses, it’s important to know which ones will be the most comfortable and best suited to your needs.

Most comfortable contact lenses generally

In general, the most comfortable contact lenses are daily disposables. Since there is less time for bacteria and debris to build up on the lens surface, the chances of irritation, discomfort, allergies, and infection are lower.1 A new pair of contacts provides a smooth lens surface every day, making them particularly comfortable for people with dry or sensitive eyes, but many people find them more comfortable than other lens options.2

Lenses made from newer silicone hydrogel materials tend to be more comfortable. They allow more oxygen to pass through to the cornea and take less time to adapt to, as well as being comfortable for longer.3 Switching to daily disposable or silicone hydrogel lenses could significantly reduce any discomfort.

Most comfortable coloured contact lenses

If you want to change your eye colour, or make your natural colour more vibrant, daily coloured contact lenses are the most comfortable option. 

If you’re short- or far-sighted, you can get coloured contacts with a prescription, but you should discuss this with your optometrist. You should only wear coloured lenses that have been fitted by an eye care professional, as off-the-shelf contacts can lead to harmful side effects. 

Comfortable contact lenses for dry eyes

Contact lens comfort is especially important for people with dry eyes. If you have dry eyes, it may take some trial and error to find a contact lens that works for you.

Lenses made from silicone hydrogels allow considerably more oxygen to pass through to the cornea, which reduces dehydration and improves comfort during lens wear.4 Ask your optometrist whether advanced silicone hydrogel contacts are suitable for you.

Comfortable contact lenses for sensitive eyes

People with sensitive eyes experience symptoms such as pain, burning, irritation, watering, and blurry vision. This can make contact lens use difficult, but not impossible.

Studies show that lens age, replacement frequency, wear duration, and oxygen permeability are the most important factors when it comes to comfort with contact lens use.5 For sensitive eyes, daily disposable silicone hydrogel lenses worn for a reasonable duration every day are the most comfortable contact lenses for sensitive eyes.

Comfortable contact lenses for astigmatism

Astigmatism, which causes blurry vision due to an irregularly shaped cornea or lens, can be corrected with soft contact lenses that have a toric design. The specific toric contact lens that’s most comfortable for you will depend on your wearing pattern and lifestyle needs. Many leading brands sell contact lenses for astigmatism and you can choose between daily, monthly, or extended wear schedules.

Comfort eye drops for contact lenses

One of the main reasons for contact lens discomfort is dryness of the eyes while wearing lenses.6Contact lens rewetting drops can be used before and during lens wear to hydrate and lubricate the lens and eye surface and prevent dryness.6 If you are experiencing discomfort with contact lens use or have symptoms of dry eye, talk to your optician about using rewetting drops.

 There is no single solution to comfortable vision correction with contact lenses. In general, silicone hydrogel materials and changing lenses frequently can enhance comfort, along with the use of rewetting drops. The main way to ensure contact lenses are as comfortable as possible is to get a proper fitting from an eye care professional, practice good lens care, ensure there is a strong aftercare routine in place with comfort eye drops, and get your eyes checked regularly.


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