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What is diabetes?

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Qualified optometrist Dr Nigel Best DOptom MCOptom FBCLA FAAO answers this question:

At its simplest diabetes is an inability to metabolise the sugars and carbohydrates in the body as a result of a lack of the hormone insulin. It affects 1-2 percent of the population in the UK. There are two forms of diabetes, known as Type I and Type II. Type I (insulin-dependent diabetes) commonly appears in younger people (10-20 years) and Type II (non-insulin-dependent diabetes) commonly in older people. Type II can sometimes be controlled by careful control of diet.

For more information about diabetes, see our video below:

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Dr Nigel Best DOptom MCOptom FBCLA FAAO has worked as an optometrist for Specsavers for 17 years, both in his own practice and with the Professional Training department. He has a particular interest in dry eye and contact lenses and has had a number of academic papers published.
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