Free anti-reflection treatment

About this offer

Our glasses will help you see more clearly, but occasionally everyday life throws up little extra challenges – reflections from computer monitors and tv screens, or glare through car windscreens and windows.

Which is why we offer UltraClear, an anti-reflective lenses treatment. It can remove reflections and glare, as well as reducing eye strain for computer users. It makes driving at night easier too, and improves the appearance of your glasses.

When you choose a frame from the £69 range or above, you can have a free UltraClear anti-reflection treatment – usually £30. All our glasses also include a scratch-resistant treatment as standard.


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This offer in brief
  • Free anti-reflection treatment
  • Save £30
  • Available with any frame from our £69 range or above
  • Single Vision lenses and scratch resistant coating also included
  • Other lenses and options available at extra cost