30-day varifocal trial

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Eyesight changes as we age, and we all might need a little help to keep our vision as sharp as it was. It is common that we experience eyesight issues in our 40s – we will start to notice blurred near vision, which is called presbyopia. There’s nothing to worry about – it affects everyone sooner or later – and Specsavers can give you an eye test to determine the best way to help you.

It may be that the answer is varifocal lenses, which give you clear vision at all distances, with no telltale visible lines. We have a wide range of frames that are suitable for varifocal lenses, from classic to modern styles and at great value prices.

We have expert frame stylists in every store to give you varifocal glasses advice and ensure you find frames that suit you and your lenses. They will help you understand your face shape and suggest the frames that work for you. So you can be sure you’ll get the perfect pair of varifocal glasses.

Learn more about varifocal lenses, including our five-star guide to which varifocals are best suited to your lifestyle and vision needs.

And because we understand that some people may take a bit of time to get used to varifocal glasses, we’re giving you a special guarantee. If you can’t get on with them, bring them back within 30 days and you can exchange them for either one pair of bifocals or two pairs of single vision glasses (one for reading and one for distance). What's more, we'll refund any price difference.


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30-day varifocal trial in brief
  • Try varifocal glasses over 30 days
  • If you can’t get on with them within the 30-day period, we'll exchange them for bifocals, or two pairs of single vision glasses (one for reading, the other for distance)
  • We’ll also refund any price difference