Lens options

All Specsavers glasses come with PENTAX standard single vision lenses, a scratch resistant treatment, case and cloth.

Extra lens coatings and features are available that can protect or enhance your glasses. Choose from the fantastic options here for added benefits.

Colours £12


Choose from a wide choice of colour tints - brown, grey or green are best for sunglasses. Blue, pink or yellow are also available.

Some colours aren’t safe for driving, so check first with your optician.

Ultra violet (UV) filter £12

UV Filter

A clear filter that:

  • Protects your eyes from damaging UV light
  • Is best combined with a dark tint (Colour) in sunglasses

Ultraclear £30


An anti-reflection and scratch resistant coating reduces reflection on your lenses and they are harder wearing.

Light scatter from street lights and car headlights is reduced, giving clearer driving vision at night.

Extra Thin + Light lenses £40

Extra Thin

High index plastic lenses are a great solution for people with higher prescriptions - they are better looking, more comfortable to wear and give you a wider range of frames to choose from.

Polarising £60


These high tech lenses give superior vision in bright light. They eliminate 99.9% of horizontal glare and filter 100% UV light.

Much favoured by anglers, yachtsmen and professional drivers.

Reactions £49


Photochromic lenses adapt to light conditions, giving you comfortable vision in bright light and shade.

Indoors, the lenses are clear, outside they quickly darken in sunlight, giving you 100% UV protection.

Ultradrive £30


A unique lens specifically designed for drivers. It blocks all UV light and up to 95% of blue light, making colours appear sharper.

Available in two different versions for day and night driving.