Your store visit explained

How Your Eyes Work Panel

How your eyes work

Your eyes are probably the most complex organs in your body. For something so small, the number of working parts is astonishing - and each affects how well you see.

Your Eye Test Panel

Your eye test

Regular eye examinations are essential for clear, comfortable vision. But they also offer a broader health assessment - the optometrist checks the health of your eyes and looks for signs of other medical conditions.

Choosing Your Glasses Panel

Choosing your glasses

After your eye examination, you will be given a copy of your prescription. Our friendly staff will help you choose new frames and advise on the different lens options.

Making Your Glasses Panel

Making your glasses

At Specsavers, all glasses come fitted with PENTAX single vision lenses and a scratch-resistant treatment as standard. You can upgrade with several additional lens options, including tints.

Fitting Your Glasses Panel

Fitting your glasses

When you buy glasses at Specsavers, we will help you to choose the best frames and lenses for your needs and make sure that your new glasses fit comfortably.

Contact Lenses Panel

Contact lenses

Contact lenses give you the freedom to see clearly without wearing glasses. They are ideal for full or part-time wear.