Specsavers Drive Safe campaign

Specsavers Drive Safe campaign

The Specsavers Drive Safe campaign calls for:

  • The compulsory production of a current eyesight prescription with application for a driving licence
  • The compulsory re-testing of drivers eyesight at regular intervals after the issue of a driving licence
  • Increased roadside eye checks, similar to random breathalyser and tyre checks
  • Eye testing at the scene of an accident when possible
  • A law making it mandatory to carry spare corrective eyewear in a vehicle

Some of the high-profile people who have backed our campaign include the Rt. Hon Earl of Caithness, rally driving champion and stunt driver Penny Mallory and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

David Kenworthy, Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police and Head of ACPO Road Policing says: ‘Drivers’ uncorrected defective vision is a matter of ongoing concern for ACPO. We welcome Specsavers’ initiative and are encouraged by the results of a pilot scheme in West Mercia* and the positive effect it has had in reinforcing the need for a responsible approach by drivers towards their eyesight by having regular sight tests.

‘Since eyesight usually deteriorates slowly and can easily go unnoticed, drivers need to seek professional help rather than rely on their own judgment as to how good their eyesight is.

‘We have always maintained that the current eyesight requirement is not rigorous enough and would support the introduction of something more stringent, which fully tested all aspects of vision. Following the outcome of the West Mercia pilot scheme, ACPO is working closely with Specsavers with a view to conducting a national eyesight campaign this autumn.’

*The West Mercia Pilot test was a random roadside eye test trial, conducted in conjunction with The Eyecare Trust and West Mercia police.

The Drive Safe Roadshow

For ten years now the Specsavers Drive Safe trailer has been visiting public events at various locations throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

The Drive Safe roadshow offers information about the dangers of driving with uncorrected vision and provides:

  • A selection of our latest frames, including Specsavers’ designer and children’s ranges and offers
  • Free MOTs for glasses
  • A ‘magic mirror’ to help you select the best style to suit you
  • Free vision screening
  • Free hearing screening