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Vision looks slanted in new first time glasses


I have just got glasses for the first time thee days ago and when I look at my laptop/PC monitor or anything square/rectangular within a couple of meters distance, they look all slanted, it's like the left side is being pinched in and when I take my glasses off it's the right side that looks pinched and depending of the angle I view the screen to how servere the slated/trapezoid the monitor is.

When other people look through my glasses they see the same thing. Other than that the glasses has made everything crystal clear and my long vision does not appear slanted at all.

My prescription is below, are my eyes just still adjusting or is my prescription wrong?

R +0.25 -0.25 85.0
L +0.25 -1.00 80.0

Answer Written answer:

This is normal at first, particularly with a correction for astigmatism which is significant in the left eye. If your vision is clear then they should be correct and may perhaps take a couple of weeks to settle. 

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