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Tiny white spots on inside of bottom lid


I have had Bells Palsy for about five years. On the affected side my eye feels dry. I use lubricating eye drops. Recently I have developed tiny white spots right inside the bottom of my eye which look like tiny ulcers. They are situated right in the very outer corner of the bottom of the lid. The only way to see them is to pull the bottom lid right down. It looks quite red where they are and it almost looks like it has an opening, like a small cut. My eye has also been a bit itchy, and I have been getting floaters in both eyes for quite some time. My vision goes blurred when I look at things close up. I'm not sure whether this has anything to do with having Bells Palsy or if it's just my age. as I am 46 years old. I have been to the GP and she thought that the spots could be very small cysts, but gave no treatment. She also said that floaters are usually nothing to worry about. I have always had good vision until I got Bells Palsy. I was wondering if you could please help or advise me of what to do.

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They are probably just tiny cysts, which are blocked secretary glands that contribute some of the substances to your tear film. The best treatment is probably to use a hot compress or hot face flannel three to four times a day (or use an eye mask that can be heated...they are called 'eyebag') over the affected lid.  They are nothing to worry about and will not do you any harm. Your symptoms of blurred vision on close vision is absolutely normal for your age and I would expect you to start to need glasses for reading. Most floaters are normal and nothing to worry about, although occassionally they can be due to a problem with the retina. The vision problems are not associated with your Bells Palsy, except the dry eye and you are right to use lubricating eye drops.  You should have an eye test and the optometrist will hopefully give you a firm diagnosis for your eyelid cysts and find exactly the status of your vision. You should expect, sooner or later, to need glasses for reading.

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